Your summer hair colour

At Coco’s, colouring your hair means more to us than just how fabulous you look when you walk out of the salon.

There are so many options when it comes to your hair colour during the summer season. You decide how subtle or bold you want to be and leave the rest to us. When having your hair coloured, we advise protecting your hair with a nourishing and strengthening treatment such as Olaplex.

It is worth remembering that, depending on how much lighter or darker your new colour is from your natural colour, your re-growth will be more obvious, so a more frequent maintenance programme will be required. Here are a few points to think about:

  • Your budget.
  • How often do you want to have your colour done?
  • Would you like your colour to grow out, or fade out?

2019 has many colour trends, and there’s one to suit everyone. Adding lighter streaks (known as Mallen streaks) to the hair around the front of the face can frame your face beautifully. If you are naturally lighter around the front perhaps now is the time to embrace it.

Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Living Coral’ covers the range from pastel rose gold to bright orange. Julia Roberts surprised us all in her new movie Ben is Back with an orange shade reflecting the colour ‘Living Coral’.

For a new take on honey blonde that suits all skin tones, we can mix warm and cool shades together.

We love it when our clients embrace their curls, and we can also enhance them when colouring your hair. We can colour ‘free hand’ rather than using a tradition technique using foils which will add dimension to your natural curl movement.

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Your wellbeing & safety

We really value your wellbeing and safety so patch testing is required for all our colour services.

Please remember to apply yours if you are a new guest, or if it has been longer than three months since your previous colour. An allergic reaction can occur at any time regardless to if you may have had colour on your hair for years. Remember, for your safety, we do need to see the patch on your skin, and without it we will not be able to proceed with your colour.


So what is the difference between the types of hair colour we offer?


XG Color

A permanent hair colour range available in 86 interminable shades offering 100% coverage. This system will grow out of your hair so bear in mind the re-growth and required maintenance.



With 27 interminable shades, this system is a gentle, non-ammonia colour that provides incredible shine. It lasts 4-6 weeks by gradually fading out of the hair. Demi colour acts as a top coat to protect your colour whilst in the sun. If you want a soft translucent shiny colour that will enhance, intensify or neutralise your hair colour this is for you.



A toner is a temporary way to add colour, neutralise your colour or protect your colour. It lasts approximately 3 weeks.

Does your hair fade or go brassy whilst on holiday? Consider a toner before you go in the sun to enhance and lengthen the life of your colour. Toners act in the same way as a top coat does to your nail polish by protecting the colour underneath. Prices start from £10 for this service.


Single foils

Hair looking a little dull? Chat to your stylist about placing a few single foils into your hair to brighten it up. We charge £3 per packet and will happily work with you to suit any budget you may have.


Celeb luxury viral colorwash

Perfect for home maintenance of your colour. These products are semi-permanent and help maintain and boost your colour, prevent fade and extend the life of your colour. Even better, they are sulphate free and 100% vegan. You are required to do a patch test to use this range.



Roots showing between salon visits?

A camouflage colour will cover those roots an inch either side of your parting and all around your hairline, the price is reduced too! You have nothing to lose except your roots!


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