Top 5 tips to make 2020 your best hair year… EVER

Start the new year on a ‘hair high’ with our top 5 tips for beautiful, healthy, glossy locks…



For your hair to look its best, you need to have a good foundation. Using product on hair which hasn’t been properly cleansed will not give the results you’re looking for, and can lead to dull, lank looking hair.

You’ve probably noticed your hair is shampooed twice at your salon appointment. This ensures the hair is fully cleansed and we have the best possible canvas to work on.

For the perfect cleanse, we recommend Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2



Treatments aren’t just for special occasions and should be part of any healthy hair routine. Our hair goes through a lot during the day – from brushing and styling to being tied back and pulled tight. This can weaken its structure leading to breakages, and difficulty in styling.

Weekly treatments help strengthen and moisturize hair, seal split ends (temporarily until your next cut) and help fragile hair. Treatments are one of the most important areas of hair care but sadly, also one of the most neglected.

Learn about our treatments here.



How hot does your straightener or wand get? 180-230 degrees? Well, anybody who has ever caught their finger or ear on them will testify…. it gets VERY hot.

Heat protectors work in a similar way to sun creams on holiday. If we didn’t apply sun cream to our skin, we would soon be looking a little bit baked. But, whereas we may only go away once or twice a year, we often apply heat to our hair on a daily basis.

Spend 5 seconds applying a heat protector to your hair prior to styling, and not only will your hair look healthier, but it’ll need less cutting off at your next appointment.

For protection up to 230 degrees, we recommend Moroccan Oil Perfect Defence.



Think of hair care like gym membership. If we only use it the once, we know that we are never going to look like Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt, but if we stick at it we move closer to our goal.

Likewise, having a hair appointment routine, with the right products and tools used in the right way, makes a huge difference to the look, condition and feel of our hair. Struggling with any element of your hair? Let your stylist know. Your stylist is like ‘your personal trainer’ and can help you get the most out of your hair.


Speak to your stylist

Your stylist sees you throughout the year and knows your hair inside out. And most importantly they know YOU.

Our hair secrets are your hair secrets. We want to pass on our knowledge to you so your hair looks amazing all year round. Next time you are in the salon, pick their brains by asking them what they would recommend to make 2020 your best hair year… EVER.

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