Top 3 tips for gorgeous summer hair

We all look forward to the summer holidays and hopefully you have all made plans to either go away or spend some time to relax here in the UK. However, what plans have you made with your hair for the months coming up?

We know the effects the sun can have on our skin. We’ve listened to the warnings from the experts and now we all apply suntan lotion if we know we are going to spend some time in the sun. But how often do you think about the damage that the sun is having on your hair at the same time?

The sun can cause your skin to burn or blister if you don’t take the right precautions, cause dryness, over bleaching and a reduction in the elasticity of your hair which could then lead to breakage.

Within the salon it’s very common to hear around September time “my hair feels really dry because I spent so many days in the garden” or “my hair feels like straw after our family holiday to (insert sunny holiday destination here)”.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could keep your hair in amazing condition the whole year round and never need to have that conversation with your stylist again about ‘holiday hair’.

This month I want to let you in on our Top 3 Tips for amazing summer hair.

  1. Prepare: Have an honest conversation with your stylist. Ask them what the condition of your hair is like and what they recommend you should have cut off as well as how much you should keep. Remember, if your hair isn’t in great condition now, it’ll look worse after a week or two in the sun.
  2. Load up: After taking the advice from your stylist about the condition, you need to find out what the best products to take with you in the sun would be. There’s a good chance that the usual shampoo/conditioner you use normally which makes your hair look great day to day isn’t going to be the best product to protect your hair in the sun or on holiday. Remember, the shampoo that you have left in the bottle after your holiday will still be fine for normally 12-18 months after opening depending on the product range. Perfect for your next holiday.
  3. Follow through: Follow the advice from your stylist on how to use the products, as well as how frequently you should apply them. It’s not as often as you may think in most cases. Great hair products are like a gym membership, if you use it the way you should, the results will be amazing.

Extra tip:

A stylist favourite within CoCo’s for hair which can help repair physical and chemical damage is Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Repair Shampoo, Repair Conditioner and Repair Leave-in Treatment.

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