Top 3 hair sins and virtues

Top 3 hair sins and virtues

#1 Sin – Brushing hair when wet.

We hear many phrases in the salon – ‘my hair never seems to grow’, ‘my fringe always grows quicker than the rest’ or ‘I wish my hair was _______ (fill in blank)’.

But there is one which is creeping into the salon more frequently as we seem to be putting more and more pressure on our precious locks… ‘I’ve got this really short bit at the back/on the sides’.

This ‘short bit’, more often than not, is from brushing when wet. When our hair is wet, it is in its weakest state. It will stretch, change shape and ultimately, if we don’t treat it carefully…. snap.

The best way to detangle our hair after shampooing and conditioning is with either a comb or a special detangling brush, working up from the point of our hair to the root in sections, gently detangling as we go. Believe me, your hair will thank you for it and sooner rather than later the words you will be saying to your stylist will be ‘my hair looks so healthy’.


#2 Sin – Cutting your own fringe

Tutorial videos everywhere, are now teaching you how to cut your own fringe at home, although it has to be said with various levels of success. You need to take in to account the texture, thickness, condition and obviously, how you intend to style it.

At CoCo’s, we offer a fringe cutting service which has no price tag to it. We will happily cut your fringe for you in between appointments and the only cost to you is a donation in one of the charity boxes within the salon.

No matter how big or small the donation is, it all helps. You’ll find more details about the chosen charities within the salon. Thank you!


#3 Sin – Too much product

Professional products within the salon can cost a little more than supermarket products. This is because manufacturers of professional products make their product more concentrated so that it goes further with less product used. So in the long term your product lasts as long, if not longer than the supermarket bought brands. Everything we purchase comes down to our personal choice, however, ask your stylist next time how long they would expect a bottle of professional shampoo to last and you may be surprised.


#1 Virtue – Eating healthy

The foundation of any skin, hair and nail routine starts with what we feed out bodies. The building blocks of all skin, hair and nails is a protein called Keratin.

Protein is found in many foods and helps the body to function healthily. We’ve just finished the first month of the year and many of you have already started thinking about what we are putting in our bodies by participating in Veganuary or Dry January. The benefits of making small changes can have a huge effect. Check out this article from BBC Good Food for ideas on nutrition so that we can improve not only our lifestyles, but also, how we look and feel.

None of us can be perfect 100% of the time, but if we can be 1% better today. Make a start!


#2 Virtue­ – Turn the heat down

It’s not uncommon when we are styling hair to use many different heated styling equipment and that can really take its toll on your hair. A hairdryer can reach 140 degrees, straighteners 180-220 degrees, wands 200 degrees etc.

There are days when we need to take it easy. Even the celebrities, whose hair styles we are constantly trying to imitate, need to give their hair a break.

Turn the heat down, take a break for 1 or 2 days per week and reap the benefits.


#3 Virtue – Use the right product for the right hair type

There are some of us who can use a product for ‘all hair types’ and our hair can be lush all day long. I am not that person. I need the right shampoo/conditioner for my hair and with the right styling product.

Choosing the right product for the right hair type can be tricky. Let’s say, you have fine, coloured hair, do you choose a shampoo for fine or for coloured hair. It all comes down to what your number one priority is. In this instance, you might decide that ‘body’ is your number one priority, so you would choose ‘Paul Mitchell Extra Body Shampoo’. This would help you achieve your body but also as an added bonus is also colour safe.

Ask your CoCo’s stylist for advice on your next visit and tell them what your number one priority is.


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