Summer Hair Tips

We’ve all had the frustrations and worry of our hair colour fading during the summer and on holiday.

Consider these top tips to help you maintain your vibrant hair colour and healthy condition this summer…


Remember your treatment

Treatments love heat – it helps them penetrate deeper into the hair. Give your hair a good wash, put on your treatment and soak up the sun, it will work wonders for the condition of your hair. Better condition = stronger hair= longer-lasting colour. Your Coco’s stylist can advise on the best treatment for your hair type on your next visit.


Specialised products for coloured hair

Our range of ‘ultimate colour’ products are specially designed to prolong hair colour – and also include UV protection, great during summer months when your hair shade can fade. Simply swap your current hair care line for our colour range and let the products get to work.

Use Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2 for a deep cleanse prior to your ultimate colour products – it will remove any build-up in the hair from the beach or swimming pool and protect the condition of your tresses.


Don’t just rely on hair products

Hats, scrunchies and head scarves are all in this year. Look super stylish whilst protecting those luscious locks. Whether it be a baseball cap, floppy sun hat or 1950’s inspired wide headscarf, accessories are your best friends this summer.

For those of you who love keeping up with fashion, Pantone have announced their top trends for this summer. Inspiration has been taken from science fiction and the afterlife, so look out for mineral shades including oil slick purples and deep indigos, pushing the boundaries and making use of those ‘unnatural’ hues.

Take a look at Pantone’s New Frontiers article here.


Simple hairstyles

The heat is approaching, so you’ll no doubt want simple hairstyles to keep your hair off your face but are stylish at the same time.

If you love a ponytail – simply wrap a section of hair around your hair band to hide it and grip it in place. A really simple way to make it look like you’ve been in to see us… we won’t tell if you don’t!

When trying to achieve a voluminous top knot, try first putting it into a ponytail, plaiting it to the end and tying, then loosening it slightly before wrapping it around your band and gripping it in place. Play around with it to achieve your desired look – a simple way to have a top knot to die for!


Remember your plaits

A loose side plait is so simple, yet effortless and the perfect hairstyle to embrace summer. Accessories are great for shorter hair; invest in small clips, head scarves and scrunchies to keep your locks pinned back – there’s more to life than plain hair bands!

Take a look at Marie Claire’s article for more Summer Fashion Trends.

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