Summer Festival Hair Top Tips

Whilst living it up at festivals, you don’t want to be worrying about your hair so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to making sure your hair is on-trend whilst you party.


Day 1

Enjoy and embrace your clean hair, wash in the morning or day before and do a bouncy blow-dry using Paul Mitchell heat protection or Moroccanoil heat spray. Add some tighter waves or curls with a GHD styler for a textured boho look and finish with Moroccanoil texturising spray. Sleep in some Velcro rollers or twist and secure small sections of your hair into buns.


Day 2

You may find your hair becoming a little greasy so be sure to take some Moroccanoil Dry shampoo, available in light tone and dark tones; spritz on the root area, massage in to bring your hair back to life whilst adding volume and texture. Try plaiting on each side of your head and fold up to create a headband. Plait either directly on the parting or raised over the parting. They can be worn as micro plaits or raised unicorn style. A real celebrity trend, plaits are a quick and easy way to look stylish. Crown hair bands, flowers and flower garlands are festival must-haves.


Day 3

Your hair won’t be at its best, freshen it up by adding more dry shampoo to the roots and hair line. Create a side swept braid and gather it into a playful ponytail or texturised bun. A braid or a twist sprayed with Moroccanoil finishing spray will hold and keep your hair out of your face leaving you to enjoy the last day. Remember your glitter for those roots!


Once home

Make sure you give your hair a thorough shampoo. We advise Paul Mitchell Shampoo2 to cleanse as it removes all products and build up in the hair. Give yourself a little more time and use a hair mask to rehydrate your hair. Take a towel, dampen with hot water and place over the hair. The warmth will ensure the mask thoroughly penetrates the hair. It will feel even better than before!

If you need some inspiration pop in the salon and we can create one of these Moroccanoil inspired looks to see you through your special event, all for the cost of a blow-dry.

Festival hair essentials:

  • Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo light/dark tones
  • Travel size Moroccanoil Spray
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2

For more inspiration take a look here


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