Summer Colour at CoCo’s Style

Before having a colour there are a few things we would like you to consider…

  • How much do you want to spend on your hair?
  • What’s your ideal hair maintenance programme?
  • Do you want your colour to grow or fade out?

It’s important to us that we meet your expectations in results, cost and time.


CoCo’s Colour Sale

Receive 25% off your Shampoo, Cut and Finish when booked with a colour. Book early to avoid disappointment as the following days fill up fast:

  • Crawley salon – Thursday
  • Southwater salon – Monday
  • Billingshurst salon – Wednesday

Find out more about our colour sale here


Colour Patch Tests

We’re often asked why we require a patch test before a hair colour. The answer is simple… because we care about you and in a worst case scenario this could be a life or death situation!

Reactions can occur at any point, to anyone, regardless of how many years you have been colouring your hair.

Our policy: all new guests are asked to undertake a patch test before their first colour. All colour guests are asked to undertake a patch test every 3 months. Please remember to book in for a patch test before your next appointment.

Are you unsure of the difference between colours? We hope this makes it easier for you:


XG Permanent Colours

XG permanent colours cover 100% grey, offering greater longevity and beautiful vibrancy. This is a permanent colour that grows out with your hair. Your hair will feel shiny and healthy looking natural or vibrant.

Colourful Tip: The more contrast with your natural colour, the sooner you will notice re-growth.


Paul Mitchell POP Semi-Permanent Colour

A long-lasting POP of colour for up to 6 weeks. Colours range from pastel to brights.

Colourful Tip: For best results and longevity these colours are generally applied over pre-lightened hair.


Demi Colour

The Demi colour = incredible shine and condition and lasts for 4- 6 weeks.

A soft translucent shiny colour that will enhance, intensify or neutralise your hair colour, plus it’s ammonia free. Great for achieving fashion tones too!

Colourful Tip: Just like a top coat over your nail polish, apply a clear “top coat” before your holiday to protect your colour and condition whilst in the sun.


You have nothing to lose except your roots!

If your colour is growing out too fast and you need it coloured more often, consider a camouflage colour to cover those roots an inch either side of your parting and all around your hairline – the price is reduced too.


Does your hair go dull or brassy?

Consider a toner before you go in the sun to enhance and lengthen the life of your colour.


What is a toner?

Toners can neutralise unwanted tones, blend or enhance colours. A toner acts in the same way as a top coat does to your nail polish by protecting the colour underneath. Great if you are going on holiday to prolong your colour. They will start to fade at around week 3. Prices start from £10 for this salon service.

Colourful Tip: To get the result you need we may need to apply more than one toner. Speak to your stylist before you start your colour for clarity.


For less fade on reds or temporary colours

Wash your hair in slightly cooler water.


Are you having your colour applied pre-holiday?

The secret is to consider going a shade or two darker and let the sun naturally lighten it for you.

Have a trim and treatment before you go to keep your hair in tip-top condition.


Remember your heat protection!

Healthy hydrated hair will experience less colour fade, your cut will sit better too.

Try Paul Mitchell Ultimate colour range with UV protection and quinoa for added hydration.

For more summer hair colour trends and advice take a look here.

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