Spring trends for 2020

One of the hardest challenges with fashion is knowing when the next big thing is going to come along and grab our attention. The amount of YouTube channels and Instagram pages dedicated to fashion should tell you that in today’s world… it’s a big deal.

Everybody is shouting at you, trying to get your attention telling you to ‘wear this’, ‘eat here’ and ‘say this’, but who should you listen to?

Who do you trust?

Who do you put your faith in with your time and attention?

Like you, I could spend hours online, trying to find that one article that will point me in the right direction, so that I know exactly what’s up and coming in the world of fashion.

After looking online at many different sources, I came across a great article which had so many great ideas and inspiration for Spring 2020, that I just had to share.

A trusted companion in the salon, Cosmopolitan magazine has always been a go-to place for fashion inspiration and ideas and judging by how often I see it being read in the salon, you guys think the same thing.


Just some of the ideas for spring 2020 this year include:

  • Hair braids
  • Messy hair with sleek accessories
  • Bright hair shades (think bright blues and pinks)
  • Crystal or pearl accessories
  • Messy buns
  • and more

Here is a link to a great article detailing 20 hair trends for 2020.

How many looks will you try?