Question: What on earth can we do with our hair?

The million dollar question on everyone’s mind is what on earth can we do with our hair?

We can’t deny that it’s a challenge, but please remember that as professionals, it has taken us years to qualify and we continue to develop our skill set every day – it’s not something that can be learnt overnight. So please step away from the scissors, wait for us.


The art of colour

There is no, ‘one box fits all’ colour. We mix several shades to achieve a colour that is bespoke to you. To expect a ‘box colour’ to do the job we do is, in our eyes, impossible.

Without blinding you with science, mid-coloured hair can end up with an orange or brassy hue. While blonde or white hair may look khaki with root glow or, even worse, be broken and weakened.

Colour correction in the salon is time consuming and costly, and it may be impossible for us to correct what you have done during lockdown at your first visit. We are all in the same boat, so why not use this time to embrace your natural hair, take time out from using heat products and give your hair some time to repair?

We urge you… please, please wait for us!


It’s a kind of magic…

In the meantime, we know it’s difficult, so here are some professional tips to get you through…


Back to your roots

Usually have smooth, ‘flat’ hair? Try adding some texture and you’ll be surprised how your roots merge in. Electricals can achieve create anything from gentle waves to a tight curl, while plaiting damp hair, then leaving it to dry, gives a beachy, relaxed look.

Dry shampoo is your secret weapon! Spray, then blast your roots for more volume and texture. Hey presto goodbye roots! Moroccanoil Root Boost does exactly what it says on the label, a real winner, we highly recommend it.

Or wash and scrunch your hair with a volumising/curl product and, without touching, leave it to completely dry – blast it with a hairdryer for even more volume.

And remember, you can still contact us, so get in touch to ask your stylist for recommendations. Now is the time to get creative.


Lockdown cover up

To hide your roots, we recommend ‘WOW colour touch up’ – essentially a makeup for hair that lasts until you wash it out.

In an emergency look at your eyeshadow palette and choose the nearest shade to your hair. Apply with a big makeup brush to any areas that are bothering you. You could even try mascara if it’s the right colour!


Turn up the style

Accessories continue to be red hot this summer. Think clips, scarves, hats, scrunches and invisibobbles – it’s a perfect time to experiment. Check out our Instagram for tips on wearing scarves to create a cool, super-easy look.

If you wear your hair up, try pulling a few strands out around your face to hide your roots. Have a go at doing a couple of mini-space buns as shown on our Facebook and Instagram


In the know

Try creating a zig-zag parting to lift the roots and diffuse the colour. If you don’t have a pin-tail comb use anything with a slight point, such as a clip, pencil, or even a knitting needle.

The trick is to keep the pin-tail comb (or whatever you use) on your head whilst drawing the zig-zag, then when you get to the end use your other hand to separate the hair. It takes practice but be patient as it’s worth it!

Wearing your parting lower, or more diagonally, will also help disguise those pesky roots


Fringe benefits

Wear it to the side, curl it, Dutch braid the front, practice some victory rolls for VE Day or add a simple quiff. But please forget the scissors.


Treat time

Treat yourself. Take advantage of the sun by replacing your conditioner with a hair mask and letting the heat intensify the treatment.

Take a break from electricals and embrace the natural you, lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get your hair into tip top condition ready for your visit to us.


We hope our tips help, and please contact your stylist for advice on the best products for you. Remember we offer a contactless home delivery service if you are running low or fancy trying something new.

We miss you all, and really look forward to seeing you when we re-open and whatever your hair is like we love you just the same . Stay safe everyone.

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