Olaplex hair treatment at Coco’s

Ever wished for “Red Carpet” hair at an affordable price? Then this is a must!

Olaplex hair treatment – the latest buzz in the hair community.

It will be the best £25 you spend!

CoCo’s are proud to have been one of the first salons in the UK to launch Olaplex, a revolutionary and innovative new salon professional hair repair treatment.

Olaplex is the “must-have” hair treatment and “Holy Grail” within the hairdressing industry. Loved by celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, an Olaplex treatment will:

  • Reset the button on your hair health.
  • Help prevent hair breakage.
  • Prolong colour fade.
  • Stronger, shinier, silkier and fuller hair.
  • Hair colour is noticeably more vibrant and richer.
  • Suitable for any hair type or colour.

It’s silicone and sulphate free and never tested on animals.

“Olaplex is unlike any other and  leaves your hair feeling amazing. An indulgent treatment you will be coming back for time and time again.”

Ask your stylist for more information on how you can turn back the clock on your hair. Once you ‘go Olaplex’ you will never go back! See it for yourself here.

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