How to fix the number one problem with your hair

If you kept count of the number of days that you have sat at your mirror styling your hair, cursing that you ‘just can’t get it to go like the hairdresser did it’, you would hit double digits very quickly.

But have you ever wondered what that secret is?

Why does my hairdresser always make it look so easy?

The secret, which once you know, you won’t believe you didn’t know before, is called the 3Rs…

  1. Right Product
  2. Right Amount
  3. Right Way

At CoCo’s, we use products from some of the leading names in the hair industry. But if we ignored the 3Rs, we couldn’t achieve the results we do when you visit the salon. To truly achieve GREAT hair, we need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. The Right Product – Fundamentally, the product needs to be suitable for not only the look we want to achieve, but also for the correct hair type. Do you know your hair type or the correct product to use for your chosen look?
  2. The Right Amount – A common misconception with professional hair products, is that they are expensive. They do tend to cost a little more than the products that you can purchase from the supermarket, however an important difference you’ll notice straight away is that amount of product that you’ll use will be considerably less, meaning that you won’t need to repurchase it quite so frequently. A great example are the sulphate free shampoos from Olaplex. Rather than adding more shampoo to get a lather on your hair, you simply must add more water to activate the product.
  3. The Right Way – There’s no use having the Right Product and using the Right Amount if we’re not going to use it correctly. The smallest change in how you apply the product can have remarkable results.

So how can we fix the number one problem with your hair? Ask you CoCo’s stylist the next time you visit the salon about the 3Rs of Right Product, Right Amount and the Right Way. We are there to help make every hair day, a GREAT hair day.

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