Hair Treatments

We offer two types of treatments…

  • Salon only professional treatments that we apply; and
  • Treatments you take to use at home yourself.

Choosing the right treatment can seem quite confusing. Here are just some of the questions we may ask you when recommending the most suitable treatment for your hair:

  • Is your hair dry or weak?
  • If you pull a strand of hair, does it stretch or break?
  • What is your home care routine?
  • Is your hair coloured?


Did you know 80-90% of your hair is made up of a protein called Keratin? Without it, hair becomes frizzy, lifeless, fragile, doesn’t hold its shape and is prone to falling out easily.

Our hair also needs moisture. Without it, hair gets becomes tangled, brittle, weak and not hold on to hair colour so well.

Moisture and protein need to be balanced for optimum hair condition which is why it’s so important that you use the right hair products.

We offer a range of in salon only treatments and you can maintain those benefits at home by applying a treatment to your hair once a week. In-Salon treatments start at £10.

Let’s look at some of our most popular treatments:



Olaplex 1&2 are salon exclusive professional treatments and the range comes into its own when used with your colour service.

Olaplex protects, repairs and restores the integrity of your hair and can also be used as a treatment at home to maintain your hair in between appointments.  Use Olaplex number 3 at home following your usual treatment and if you love the product there is a shampoo and conditioner in the range.

Once you’ve had it, you won’t look back!



If your hair is weak, brittle, damaged, this treatment is for you. It hydrates hair, gives it more strength (protein), transforms brittle hair and protects from future damage.

Take a strand of wet hair and gently stretch it. If it stretches more than it breaks your hair is most likely in need of protein. Protein restores, repairs and strengthens your hair. A good indicator of needing protein is if your hair feels limp and weak.

We recommended using the Wild Ginger range at home between salon visits.



Adds more hydration to hair that is rough, dry, frizzy and generally unmanageable (always tangling is a good indicator your hair needs moisture).

Recommended take home with this range is Awaphui Mirror Smooth range.

For ultimate results, we can use Keratriplex and Hydratriplex one after the other at a reduced cost, giving you the benefits of both. Remember ultimate condition requires a balance of protein and moisture.


Home care

Top Tip – Replace your conditioner with a treatment once a week.

After shampooing remember to towel dry your hair (No rubbing! Blot dry) and then apply your treatment, soaking wet hair will only dilute the product.

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