Do you have any of our hidden gems?

It’s become very easy to believe the hype around a product when it’s recommended by a famous face, but doesn’t it make more sense to take the recommendations of a qualified hair professional who uses those products every day to create beautiful hair?

To start the year, I thought I would share with you some hidden gem products that we use every day in the salon, that do exactly what they say they will do, and our stylists use on their own hair at home too. How does that sound?



Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two

This one needed little introduction. We use Shampoo Two on 99% of clients who visit us in the salon. This is a great clarifying shampoo which cleanses the hair and scalp, making the hair feel fresh and shiny.



Moroccan Oil Blonde Perfect Purple Shampoo

Blondes look amazing when they walk out of the salon, however to maintain that blonde and prevent any form of brassiness appearing between visits, a purple shampoo is a must. Moroccan Oil Perfect Blonde Shampoo has just the right amount of purple to neutralise those yellow tones that can start to come through between visits to the salon. It saves time as you may only need to use it once per week and it also can save you money by making your colour last for longer.



Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment

This one, is a massive time saver. Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment combines repairing and protecting the hair, whilst also soothing the scalp. You’ll love the refreshing feeling you get… every time!



Olaplex Number 7

The one product that can replace so many. This lightweight oil increases shine, reduces frizz AND protects against heat of up to 232C.



Paul Mitchell Kids Taming Spray

Something we hear in the salon frequently from parents, is that they struggle with knots in their children’s hair. If this sounds like you, then fear no more the morning scream and temper tantrums. Kids Taming Spray helps to gently loosen knots and make it far easier to comb through hair… it can even be used on adults!



MVRCK Shaving Cream

At a time where stubble and beards are all high fashion, there’s also nothing quite like a clean shave. Hands down, I can say this is the best shave cream I have ever used. Helping the blade to glide over the skin and reducing irritation.


If you are struggling to find the time to visit us in the salon to pick up all your must haves, you can click on the link below to take you to the online store, where you can order your products and have them delivered direct to your home.

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