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You may have heard recently in the media, discussions around the importance of apprenticeships. Working on the job and learning a trade whilst earning money is a win-win situation and a valuable opportunity. Possessing a trade means having a job for life.

At Coco’s, we believe education is a vital part of personal development and allows our team members the opportunity to develop and grow as people as well as excellent hairstylists.


Where are Coco’s apprenticeships available?

We have apprenticeships available at all three of our salons – Maidenbower, Southwater and Billingshurst.


How do apprentices train at Coco’s?

We believe on-the-job training is most valuable, so our apprentices work in our busy salons four days a week assisting in the smooth running of the salon.

We run our own Coco’s Academy which is solely dedicated to our apprentices. For one full day a week our future professionals are trained within a small, intimate group, learning both the theory aspect but more importantly the practical side of the job.


Where is the academy?

Coco's Style Hair Salon Crawley Reception and Seats

Our academy is at our Maidenbower salon which closes on a Monday to enable training to take place in a real life salon environment.


Which word do team members often use to describe Coco’s?

Family! Our team members often join us straight from school and grow up with us. Together we go through it all.


Which qualities are we looking for in an apprentice?

  • Dedicated and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for hair and fashion
  • A thirst to learn and deliver excellent customer service
  • An aspiration to be the best version of themselves




What are the advantages of training at Coco’s Academy?

  • 15 years academy training experience
  • Full City and Guilds level 2 qualification in ladies and men’s hairdressing
  • Small, intimate group learning environment
  • Work with a fun, supportive energetic team
  • Personal and tailored 2 year training plan
  • Earn a wage whilst learning and gaining a valuable qualification
  • In salon hands-on, one-to-one training
  • Develop skills on guests in a “real life” salon environment
  • Personal development
  • Learn latest fashions and trends
  • Attend Paul Mitchell colour/product knowledge workshops throughout the duration of your training


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