CoCo’s Hair Treatment Guide

Prepare your hair for the new YOU!

Confused when it comes to the right treatments for your hair? Not sure whether your hair needs a boost of hydration or strengthening?

We offer a wide range of in-salon professional treatments plus at home treatments to suit your hair’s needs. First ask your stylist for a consultation to establish whether you need protein (for strength) or moisture (for hydration). Then, start with an in-salon professional treatment – your hair will thank you!  You’ll see the benefit for weeks and can maintain the improved condition at home by using your recommended weekly treatment.


Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex Treatment £20

(professional use only)

Best for Strength:

KeraTriplex® treatment proven performance works to reduce hair breakage by 80% with the ability to hydrate and add silky shine. The advanced two-step technology repairs years of damage and restores super-soft texture while protecting the hair from future damage. Transform weak, broken and brittle strands into stronger, more resilient hair.

Top Tip: Awaphui Intensive Treatment® is used as step two of the KeraTriplex treatment to hydrate and add healthy, silky shine. This product is also available for homecare use.


Awaphui Wild Ginger HydraTriplex Treatment £15

(professional use only)

Best for Moisture:

The HydraTriplex™ treatment features triple action technology to hydrate, bind and seal the hair with moisturising ingredients. A single shot works on three levels to instantly nourish and soften parched strands, as well as improve hair manageability, dry, frizzy hair will appear softer. The cream formula penetrates hair to hydrate, bind and seal for a long-lasting silky-smooth feel.

82% of people agree this treatment leaves you with softer, more manageable hair.


Olaplex £25

Best for Colour:

Turn back your ‘hair years’ with this revolutionary treatment.  The simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient working on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in your hair caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.

Olaplex will restore hair to its previous health and prevent damage to your hair whilst colouring – it’s taking the celebrity world by storm

Ask your stylist for your in-salon and at home hair care plan tailored just for you.

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