Coco’s Foundation is a charitable organisation

Our purpose… to give young people a hand up not a hand out.”

– Chris Connors, Founder



This project takes volunteers of all ages on a 16 day trip to the KwaZulu Natal Region of South Africa to build houses for child-headed families. To date, we have built 44 houses, housing a total of 259 orphaned children. We guarantee you a rollercoaster ride but one you will never ever forget.


Trip dates 2019

  • April Thursday 4th – Saturday 20th
  • May Thursday 16th – Saturday 1st
  • July Thursday 18th – Saturday 3rd August
  • August Thursday 8th –  24th Saturday
  • September Thursday 12th – Saturday 28th
  • October Thursday 17th – Saturday 2nd November.

Contact us for more details.



Working in partnership with Food4Africa we feed 1,000 children every day with nutritious, regular meals.

We support feeding programmes in South Africa, Port Elizabeth, Mozambique and Zanzibar. This is funded by our pound mandate scheme.

All we ask for is a regular standing order of £1 a month. Please print out a mandate form from the website on the ‘Food4Life’ page and drop it back to your local Coco’s salon or post it to Coco’s Foundation, 2 Maidenbower Square, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 7QH



We don’t just leave it at building a house. Our Skills4Life scheme covers two main on-going projects.

[1] Our psychological social support workshops support orphans dealing with the emotional issues arising from bereavement and life as an orphan.

[2] Our after school clubs help with homework, encourage children to enjoy games and crafts and teach them life skills.

We also offer ongoing support to those children whose houses we have built, for example, sponsorship through college and university thus giving them the best opportunity to create a successful life for themselves and their families. If you are interested in sponsoring a child the cost is £60 per month. Please contact us for more details.



We provide orphans with much needed school uniform to allow them to attend school. This is funded by unwanted clothes and textiles donated to our clothing banks in the UK. Simply drop your unwanted textiles into any of our salons and we will do the rest.

Each month a group of volunteers meet to sort the textiles into unwanted rags and better quality items which are sold on to make extra money. Since we started this initiative, we have raised £5,533.99, all of which is taken back to South Africa to purchase beds and school uniform from local shops, in turn helping the wider local community.

Please think of us when having your wardrobe sort outs and recommend us to friends and family. If you wish to volunteer your time to help without monthly sort outs, we are always looking for extra hands! Drop us a message to find out more.


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Our journey will never end

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