CoCo’s essential back to school gift guide 2021

Everybody remembers the feeling of heading back to school in September, with those last-minute jitters and the nervousness of heading off in to the unknown of a new academic year, school or university. Family, friends and all of us at CoCo’s wish you all the best with your studies this year.

To help reduce the stress of that first day, we have put together an essential back to school gift guide, picking some of the best Paul Mitchell hair products around to ensure that you are not only looking your best, but also feeling your best.






Shampoo 2 cleanses the hair and scalp leaving it feeling shiny and full of body whilst also remaining colour safe.






The Conditioner is an amazing light weight leave in conditioner that smooths the hair and reduces static as well as doubling as an excellent moisturiser for skin.






Super-Charged Treatment delivers an intense shot of moisture to dry hair, improving elasticity and shine without weighing it down.






Super Sculpt has flexible control and long-lasting memory while also adding body and shine. A favourite of many stylists at CoCo’s.






Spray Wax is a non-oily wax that creates bendable texture with a satin finish.


Hair advice

The great thing about all these product choices is that they can be used on all hair lengths.

Whatever your hair question, you can always drop us an email at or book in for an in-depth complimentary consultation

All of these products can be purchased from any CoCo’s salon or from the CoCo’s online shop and delivered directly to you…

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