CoCo’s Apprenticeships

Have you ever thought of becoming a hairdresser?

We are looking for apprentices to train as our future stylists. In the hairdresser world, you have the fantastic opportunity to do an apprenticeship with CoCo’s.


1. Gain the right skills & experience

An apprenticeship allows you to acquire valuable skills and experience in hairdressing.

You’ll learn in the work environment, developing the practical skills and understanding you need to excel in your role.

Possibly leading to a permanent position once you finish your apprenticeship.


2. Learn while you earn

You’ll have the opportunity to earn a salary and enjoy on the job training within your local area as well as gaining a nationally recognised qualification.


3. Guidance & support

Throughout the apprenticeship program, you will benefit from the encouragement and support of your team around you and your employer. You will also have access to comprehensive training, support, and a course mentor to offer the additional help and resources required to improve your skills and become the best hairdresser you can be.


4. Professional qualification

You will gain a nationally recognised and professional diploma qualification.

There are plenty of opportunities to progress from Level 2 to Level 3 after you qualify or even learn to teach hairdressing.


5. Stay ahead of a full-time hairdressing college student.

In hairdressing, students on full time college courses often suffer from lack of practical work experience. By doing an apprenticeship you will already be ahead, with between one and two years of experience in the salon, with the opportunity to be taken on has a stylist at the end of your apprenticeship.


6. Cost

There are no tuition fees or costs to you as a learner when doing an apprenticeship programme. Apprenticeships are funded by us and government. You will also be paid a salary for the duration of your apprenticeship.


7. Learn from the experts

Interacting with our senior team members is a massive perk of an apprenticeship. You will be working alongside these team members on a daily basis who know the ins and outs of the role, as well as how the salon works. You will have the opportunity to ask these team members questions and gain first hand insight. This will give you a real life understanding of the job rather than a full-time college.


8. Become an asset

Within the salon you will become an essential part of our team. This means that you will get trained and supported, while you learn to become a skilled hairdresser and reliable part of the team, increasing your chances of staying on with us once your apprenticeship is completed.


9. No debt

We will pay you to get your qualification. You will start a professional career in the hairdressing industry with a means to progress and take further training.


10. Networking & communication

One of the most essential skills for a hairdresser is communicating and connecting with people. With an apprenticeship you’ll will be meeting many of the salon’s guests.

An apprenticeship will also offer you an opportunity to make friends for life: it is not just higher learning institutions like colleges and universities where strong bonds are formed.

Take advantage of doing an apprenticeship today.


If that gets you thinking that this may be the career for you, then give the salon a call or send an email…

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Billingshurst on 01403784848
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