Caring for your hair this summer

Summer hair tips at Coco's Style Hairdressers

This month we’re sharing our professional secrets with you to see you through the (hopefully) sizzling summer.

Remember our travel packs are convenient 100ml sizes and are available to suit all hair types. You will be amazed how long they last.


Beautifully blonde

Hair looking brassy?

Our platinum shampoo is a must to keep your blonde fresh. This purple colour shampoo may worry you initially, but leave the second lather on for 5 minutes and you will banish those brassy tones.


The must-have hair care product

Do you use electrical appliances on your hair?

Your must-have hair product should be a heat protector to act as an “oven glove” to your hair.

Feel the difference….

  • Hold the hairdryer over your hand. How long you can stand the heat?
  • Spray Paul Mitchell Heat Seal to your hand.
  • Reapply the hairdryer heat to your hand.
  • Did you notice the heat took longer until it burnt your hand?


“Burnt” hair will be more brittle resulting in breakage and colour fade.


It’s no secret

Does your hair look brighter and feel better after a salon visit? Or perhaps you feel your hair needs a change from your usual shampoo?

It’s no secret the first shampoo a salon will ever use is a clarifying shampoo. Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2 is affordable, and will deep cleanse your hair removing dulling build-up. Use at home once a week to continue the benefits.

The result? Salon fresh hair with body and shine!


True or false?

Soak your hair with fresh water before you plunge in the pool and this will minimise the green tinge seen in blonde hair.

True. Wetting your hair with fresh water prevents your hair absorbing the minerals and chemicals in the pool that can turn blonde hair green.

Applying tomato ketchup to green coloured hair from swimming pools will neutralise the green.

True.  Red neutralises green tones.  Apply tomato ketchup all over your hair and leave 20-30 minutes before rinsing.

Only use a wide tooth comb or Tangle Teezer on wet hair to avoid damaging your hair.

True.  Hair is more elastic when wet, so brushing wet hair causes more stress on the hair and can result in breakage and damage.


And a few more summer hair care tips…

  • Swap your conditioner for a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week. Slather it on before sitting in the sun (or a  sauna) to ensure it penetrates deeper giving you shinier, healthier hair.
  • Did you know… a zig zag parting hides roots and give your hair volume.
  • Dry shampoo is the perfect hair care product to pack in your suitcase. It absorbs the oil in your hair,  and leaves your hair refreshed and volumised. Try Morroccanoil Dry Shampoo. We love it.

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