Guy Tang Kenra Colour Metallics

Guy Tang Kenra Professional Metallic

Guy Tang Kenra Colour Metallics

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Just arrived in the U.K. And we have it!

Guy Tang has taken social media by storm with his unique, trend-driven looks. And you can now find his Metallic Obsession, the latest hottest colour trend from the U.S, at Coco’s.

We are totally obsessed with the new Guy Tang Kenra colour metallics and know you will be too.

Designed for pre-lightened hair, the silver and violet metallics deliver results you will love.

Although colour metallics let us deliver simply stunning results, a little word of advice… some of the images appearing on social media may make you believe anything is possible, and possible in one visit.

However, it may take several appointments to achieve the fashion-forward look you are after. Wanting to change from brunette to platinum in one salon session may seem a simple achievable request, but for your stylist a dramatic change of colour can be very challenging.

So remember, when undergoing a lightening service your hair must go through several phases, from red to orange to yellow to blonde.

Hair Colour Change Transformation

We live in a world where we see it and want it now.

How often do you see an image on social media and tell your hairdresser that is what you would like? But photos can be deceptive. Look:

Hair Colour Filtered

Which colour image is the original?

If you ask for the image on the right you may be disappointed as it has been filtered! The original is the image on the left.

At CoCo’s we look forward to creating the colour of your dreams so please be patient if we take you on a journey.


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