Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment

Awapuhi hair treatments

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment

Have you tried Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi System yet?

We love it and thought you’d like to know about it. Its proven ingredients restore dry, damaged hair and are colour-safe too.


Awapuhi 30 years in the making…

awapuhi-logoFor centuries, Hawaiian natives used the fragrant juice of the Awapuhi ginger plant to moisturise their skin and hair. Captivated by the plant’s healing benefits, John Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell established a sustainable solar-powered Awapuhi farm in Hawaii nearly 30 years ago.

Each plant is harvested and processed by hand to preserve its hydrating properties. The unique extraction method allows the most lipid-rich part of the Awapuhi root to bind to the hair shaft, leaving hair softer and more manageable with intense shine.


Awapuhi KeraTriplex Treatment

This Professional Only treatment is available in-salon and is proven to reduce breakage by up to 80%.

Keratin protein, in the hair shaft, is a vital element for strong healthy hair. Paul Mitchell’s KeraTriplex blend penetrates, seals and repairs any damage.

Derived from New Zealand sheep wool, KeraTriplex is virtually identical to the protein found in human hair. Raised on green pasture, without chemicals or antibiotics, no sheep are ever harmed during the shearing process. The fleece is specially treated to maintain its reparative benefits, creating the most potent blend of keratin proteins in hair care today.



Treat your hair from the inside out… we promise the Awapuhi System will not disappoint you.


Profession only KeraTriplex treatment

  • Reduce breakage by 80%
  • Improve shine by 35%
  • Prevent colour fade by 67%.

Awapuhi Moisturizing Shampoo

  • 100% sulphate free
  • Gentle hydration and colour protection
  • Keratin protein rebuilds and repairs dry brittle hair

Keratin Cream Rinse

  • Keratin blend strengthens and protects
  • Instant detangling
  • Rich moisture will soften and shine

Keratin Intensive Treatment

  • Keratin protein blend
  • Weekly deep conditioner repairs & protects vulnerable hair from damage
  • Intense hydration and shine.