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Welcome to CoCo’s Style

Three inspiring, fresh and contemporary salons in the heart of West Sussex.

Our highly experienced hairdressing teams at Crawley, Southwater and Billingshurst are bursting with creativity and a wizard with scissors. With couture cuts, fashion-forward colours and unrivalled advice, we’ll ensure head turning results and a red carpet finish… every time.

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01293 888558

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  • How to fix the number one problem with your hair

    If you kept count of the number of days that you have sat at your mirror styling your hair, cursing that you ‘just can’t get it to go like the hairdresser did it’, you would hit double digits very quickly. But have you ever wondered......

  • Let’s not play catch up

    In our last blog, I spoke about my five step plan to make Christmas work for YOU. If you haven’t read that yet, then please check it out here. The message from that newsletter still stands. It’s all about being prepared. Remember: ‘Fail to plan,......

  • Don’t say the C word in October

    Before you click away in a blind panic at the mere thought of mentioning the C word, let’s just get it out of the way and say it… Christmas. There, we’ve said it! It’s done. Well, not quite. Even though we’ve just entered October, Christmas......

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